If they have a cyst of ovary and knowledge you know that these are typical in the childbearing age and that they will go in a short time but you don’t want to wait and endure some of their symptoms or discomfort that you provide, you can try some natural remedies for cysts on the ovaries as the following. As anti-inflammatory, calendula may be drunk by boiling the dried leaves, or eating them in salads, many people use it to make colorful and good image to the dishes since throughout its attraction, one of its valuable properties is that they can normalize menstrual periods, treating cramps and pains, its drawback is that it is contraindicated for pregnant women and those who may develop allergies. Reduce salt intake to prevent fluid retention and sensation of heaviness, a balanced feeding control and exit routine to not generate stress that triggers the problems of premenstrual syndrome and intensify to suffer from ovarian cysts. Prepare you Chamomile and honey can be a soothing discomfort. To deepen your understanding Myopathy is the source. Dong Quai, or known for others, such as grass or female ginseng for its effect on the hormone balance, pelvic pain during menstruation, relaxation of smooth muscles that cause the pain very useful in Asian medicine and as one of the natural remedies for ovarian cysts, uterine to relieve their discomfort.

You should avoid consuming if you have a diagnosis of gastrointestinal ulcers. Another tip for the reduction of benign ovarian cysts is used within the measures to not become pregnant without planning, using pills d contraception following recommendations to interact on the hormones and balance the menstrual cycle. Evening primrose oil is another one of the remedies for ovarian cysts, or drinking horsetail tea, the latter is limited to young women and they are not brewing not in women who entered or are at the stage of puberty. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way?