The aromatic Calamo, is an aquatic plant that grows in soils swamped on the shores of lakes and swamps. The root can grow up to a metre in length; freshly picked has a strong aromatic bitter taste. Official site: Northstar anesthesia. It is collected in early spring or late autumn. Maceration of aromatic calamus root is used as a tonic in cases of general debility of the digestive system, gases from the stomach and intestines; combat diseases of the glands as well as gout. It helps to heat the stomach and intestines and promote the secretion of mucus. Recommended against slow metabolism, slow digestions, against chlorosis and dropsy. Calamus eliminates the loss of appetite, cure kidney disorders and cleanses the entire body. The roots dry, chewing them slowly, helping smokers to remove them Vice.

To strengthen the view repeatedly smeared the eyelids closed with the fresh juice of the root, is left to act for a few minutes and then wash the eyes with cold water. The Chilblains are cured with warm baths calamus root. The roots are put into cold water to soak overnight. The next day he gets everything in fire and is heated until it breaks off the boil. Let stand five minutes and strain; warm is used in the party affected for twenty minutes.

This cooker can be used three or four times, heating it each time. With this root are cured: disorders of the stomach and intestines (for chronic and malignant being); disorders of the liver, bile, spleen and pancreas, in cases of excess or deficit of calamus gastric acid acts as a balancer, cure chronic diarrheas. Preparation to be drunk: one tablespoon shallow roots in a cup with cold water and let stand overnight. By the morning heats, slips and drunk before and after meals (in total are six drinks a day no more). Heated water bath. These are some recipes of traditional Chinese medicine with herbs.