In today's world for children from infancy falls powerful flow of information. Including about nature. This thread is not only useful information: a lot of unnecessary, pseudoscientific and sometimes even harmful to the child's mind. Children the middle group were arguing with me, proving that the turtles live in the sewers and walk on their hind legs. This they learned from the cartoon series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Children will tell you many interesting things in the life of lions, sloths or penguins, but often do not know the names of birds arriving every day in their playground. Having learned from adults superstitious misconceptions about certain insects, reptiles, amphibians, cute kids with " righteous "indignation trample them underfoot. See more detailed opinions by reading what John Studzinski offers on the topic.. In addition, the children get used to obtain information passively.

Why share the new things he had learned baby, if the house is a disk from which the father and mother and yourself can learn the same thing. I like educator and mother, this situation is alarming. And the nature of the Crimea is so varied and unique, which opens up unlimited opportunities not only interesting to meet her children, but also teach them how to think, compassionate, enjoy, work and more. Especially because, following the basic didactic principles and taking into account age characteristics of preschool children, to introduce children to nature appropriate to start with the area in which they live. Familiarization with the nature of children's Crimea is part of the tasks defined by the state program of preschool education are increasing.

Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine "On Pre-School Education" defines the requirements for the content of pre-school education, its implementation: "The content of pre-school education is determined by the basic component of early childhood education, including providing education and elements prirodotselesoobraznogo outlook, the development of a positive emotional-valuable attitude to the environment. Learn more on the subject from John Studzinski . " The purpose of preschool education in the field of "Nature" (Basic components) – to create a favorable conditions for the formation of a preschooler's competence in this sphere of life, to form the beginnings of ecological awareness, scientific outlook and ekologosoobraznogo behavior. Due to the fact that natural and climatic conditions of the Crimea is much different from other regions of Ukraine, there is a need to introduce children features natural areas of the Crimea. The beauty of the Crimean nature around us from birth. But whether enjoy it our offspring depends on us today. The Red Book of the Crimea is constantly updated with new objects of nature, endangered. Article 29, paragraph E. "United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child" encourages respect for the natural environment. And Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On Environment Protection" states: "Improving the environmental culture of the society … provides a comprehensive general compulsory education and training in the field of environmental protection, including child-care institutions. "