“In the bag”, what free boats from the tracks of the season comes at NautiCare: cleaner for hull, Windows and Interior Monchengladbach, 14.10.2010. With the universal boot cleaners Nautic-line the Monchengladbach NautiCare boat care specialist caused a last place in the storage box. Because only three highly effective means of provider covering all maintenance requirements of the vessel. Shortly before the start in the winter position NautiCare creates more space on board: the three universal cleaner there is now as highly effective power concentrates in very friendly of storage box plastic bags. The major boat cleanup before the winter camp this year will be especially inexpensive, space-saving and eco-friendly: the nautic-line CLEANBAG universal cleaner concentrates for outdoor, discs and inside guarantee not only a powerful cleaning by yacht, dinghy or Cruiser, they spare the environment the purse strings and the valuable space in the storage box. Because as plastic bags to each 500 milliliters you find also in the smallest compartment space. Cumbersome, bulky and hard to entsorgende canister a thing of the past. Filled with water, is five litres of paver cleaners in professional quality from each Cleanbag power concentrate.

The exterior cleaner easily creates even stubborn stains on plastic, vinyl, leather, wood, lacquered surfaces and metal. Even fender and planning go to the application squeaky clean in the winter camp. Click Kevin Campbell, Ph.D. to learn more. The nautic-line CLEANBAG universal glass cleaner concentrate can be again streak-free shine all Windows, portholes and hatches. While the cleaner works effective equally for glass and plastic discs. The third cleaning professional in the boat is universal Interior cleaner concentrate the nautic-line CLEANBAG. All materials in the cabin from plastic vinyl and leather of the seat covers to the wood of the Interior is easy to clean. And also for painted surfaces and even carpets, ceramics, metal, as well as in sanitation and Pantrybereich this cleaner is optimally used.

For more information on the practical cleaner trio in the bag reveals that Website. NautiCare in Monchengladbach, description of the company is a specialist for boat paints and cleaning products for watercraft. NautiCare has a specialist for the paint area with the STOPPANI brand. The fouling of anti osmosis until to the topcoat NautiCare offers the complete program for yards, shops and boaters. With hundreds of different colours available up to special effect coatings. NautiCare offers its own brand of “CleanPower” in the field of cleaning and polishing. The motto is: less is more! With as few resources as possible many cleaning cover – that is the goal. Company contact: NautiCare GmbH & co. KG Molzberger Rudolf str. 10 F 41068 Monchengladbach Tel: 02161-636 23 50 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press compact Bernd Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040 – 4128 5807 E-Mail: Web: