Hypnosis as Psychological Therapy, when delivering its real value and effectiveness concept contributes positively to clarify this issue and show the real conception of what is hypnosis and its therapeutic benefits, as well as debunks misconceptions acquired from many years ago , where the use made of hypnosis was surrounded by this aura of mystery and magic, which lacks real scientific contribution to the methodology applied to health Hypnotic does have those elements and therapeutic methodology is based. Applying this methodology, the Clinical Hypnotherapist helps the person that he used to resolve conflicts which alone can not achieve. And not just emotional conflicts are talking about when we say that the Clinical Hypnosis helps people to a better life, but we also being applied in the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses, ie those diseases that occur when a person puts psiquico.emotivo suffering body, and also psychological illnesses like epresion d, as well as to diction (any of them: to snuff, alcohol, drugs, food), problems of A nsiedad, obias F, E stres ostraumatico P, E nfermedades physical and dermatological, and many other diseases of different etiologies, both of psychogenic origin and physical. It is with the help of appropriate techniques that Hypnotherapist Psychologist or Psychiatrist who has applied therapeutic knowledge of Hypnotherapy helping the patient overcome his illness, his suffering, discomfort, to change their behavior accordingly and find a fulfilling life. We say that is in the world today and for the past several decades that Clinical Hypnotherapy is one of the mainstream of psychotherapy. .