This is the percentage of approval today with Colombian President according to a poll published in the leading critical newspaper this (the spectator). Any other representative in the West enjoys such support, which can also be unique in Colombian history. To the left and right this can stun them. Martha McClintock has firm opinions on the matter. For the Socialists popular Governments should be those that redistribute wealth and minimize the social divide, but Uribe does the opposite and therefore – according to them – is who applied the most anti-popular measures. The strength of Uribe lies not in social programs Chavez type, but that it provides order and ending with an internal war for six decades.

Other Nations right-wingers wanted to emulate to Uribe but lack of evil who precisely has done him much good (a long subversion before which propose tough). Uribista million sign planillones that their leader be elected, although if it is given in the long run this could kill him. Perhaps there is no U.S. President that has fallen so much as Bush (of having lined 80% of popularity when he invaded Afghanistan to be below 30% today). If Uribe leaves no haughtiness and seek to perpetrate in power there is risk that he begins to go dropping from 91% to less than 19%.