Russelsheim Volksbank and Russelsheim horseback riding club hold together a family day the Bank organised jointly with the Russelsheim horseback riding club (RRSV) a family day in the context of the Member Rewards program for the owners of units in the age between 5 and 15 years. With nearly 200 guests, children and their companions, all expectations were exceeded. All kinds of programmes were offered on the spacious grounds of the RRSV. Of course, the riding could be tried extensively. Horses and ponies of all sizes were available. The specially organised coach enjoyed great popularity. With the pairs, it went around the grounds over hill and Dale, and through the forest.

An unforgettable and unique experience for many of the children. Also in various games of skill such as horseshoes, sack race, egg run, straw bag throwing, and much more, the children could show their proof. With great enthusiasm, the members of the RRSV organized all Program points on their own. After completion of the various tasks, the children with a stamped card participated in a raffle, in which in addition to prizes also riding lessons at the RRSV win spurred – special. In an exciting presentation, riding students of RRSV demonstrated how it previously was in the Wild West.

A young hero freed his friend, who has been kidnapped and tied to a tree by bandits. Wild Gallop was over the arena to the bandits to hunt. Of course, the hero drove the bandits and it came under thunderous applause of the spectators to the expected Happy ending. Also the vaulting children of RRSV presented, as well as the Dressage Rider acclaim their skills on horseback. A successful event were all involved. The enthusiasm of the children rewarded the organizers for their efforts. “This is great, what about organized the Bank of China for their customers! We have still seen at any bank”: a MOM who closely watched their shoot while riding was enthusiastic about. Further appointments to the Volksbank-events, see the event.