The first thing we need to know, is that there are 10 great commandments of diets that you list below. 1. Do not go hungry, because when this happens the abandonment of the diet is practically inevitable 2 – not jeopardizing the nutritional balance because it will weaken the body, can make you sick and cause the dreaded effect Yo-Yo 3 – a plan as enjoyable and rewarding as possible 4 – do not spend long periods without eating. Indicated more is to take three to five meals daily 5 – analyze the diet for weeks instead of days or 6 intakes – think in long-term dietary strategies promoting dietary guidelines healthy 7 – not do lists of forbidden foods, because they can generate more anxiety 8 – customize the diet as often as possible to 9 – depositing some realistic expectations in the diet 10 – stop thinking about food as a first resource to fill other voids personal. THE addiction of being diet LAS DIETS and regimes just resulting STRESSFUL what leads a person to make a crazy diet, which can damage your health? The regimes are healthy when they are made with control. They are an attempt to do something impossible to later feel guilty for not having it maintained our body protest because we don’t respect their pace, but we impose inconvenient restrictions. THE REGIME IS SOMETHING THAT WE TORTURE.

Perhaps because we think that if our image not is perfect not going to be loved us we want to see much better what we are and our intolerance toward those extra kilos often hides our intransigence to accept us with defects. Ultrafast regimes are a torture instead of savoring what has conquered, are blamed for what has not been achieved. In this way, not enjoying what has been achieved. v what is hidden behind our permanent fight against the scale? does that when we reach the ideal weight impetus pushes us to eat? v the two great needs that we have to solve are hunger and love, according to Freud.