One of the aspects which calls our attention to sight in the relationship with your partner is the attraction. Dean Ornish M.D has much experience in this field. And to be more exact the physical attraction. That person that I found passing manages to make me feel nervous, intimidated or comfortable then the novelty, curious to know who is he or she keep me attentive to their movements, opinions and attitudes. ESA persona, has become important for us. Day and night I start thinking about him or her. Find it me worthy of a good illusion what I’m feeling and what I start to thrill me with your calls, with their details, their attentions think that me estoy enamorando everything does or says only he seems fascinating to me or she is able to Captivate me, it is so different or distinct to me that I love his way of being attracts me as speaking, what he thinks, places those who likes to attend Me River of their jokes, is really a very cheerful, fun person and is always willing, or is emotionally sensitive. One of the characteristics that more I like his person is that it is very loving or affectionate, always me is apapachando, hugging and kissing never I had felt so good, really now, found the person I need and that I was looking for. In addition it has a close-knit family, meets frequently and all are wonderful. So go perhaps by days, months, and even years and in this one I’m realizing that what seemed so wonderful already not so much according to previous assessments, could the couples say something as well: the truth is than what say my partner already know me it by memory and not let me I opine something be talking with himbecomes a well boring monologue. Now it turns out, that it is very ensimoso, honeyed, all the time I want to hug, kiss or are in physical contact, and because I feel uncomfortable, like choking, not keeps his distance and puts me in a very bad mood.