Within the large group of animals that exist in the world, may be some that by their physical characteristics and the image offered are very nice for some people, which gives them room to appear as home, a case of this animal are the guinea pigs, or also known in different parts of the world as cuis thanks its appearance are very appreciated by peopleHowever its relationship with man is not only for the fact of being a possible pet homes, since sometimes some peoples or societies applied them as instruments of the medicine. Others including malabsorption test, offer their opinions as well. Hows can understand the Guinea Pigs are an animal that is worth worth knowing and so know the different conditions that accompany them and how are presented within the life of the people. The Guinea Pigs are a rodent animal, which is domestic, therefore occurs on many occasions as a pet, but requires certain special conditions in order to have a good life within households, as a diet which excludes certain foods and own to live with good space hygiene. The Guinea Pigs are native to areas of the andes, more exactly from the part of the andes 3800masl, therefore in such areas is where most presence are the guinea pigs. One aspect of the image of the guinea pigs that is very related to the area of origin, is the presence of a slightly long, thick fur, which is presented with the idea of providing heat at low temperatures. Guinea Pigs have spread in different parts of the world, thanks to its characteristics that make them pleasant to people, what has made this animal present different denominations depending on location, so in the area of origin is called cuy, also in all Peru and Bolivia, along with Colombia and Uruguay; common is the use of some variants in various parts of the world, such as curi, whose. The denomination of Guinea pigs is presented in a widespread way in parts of the world such as Argentina and Spain; It is also common that in some activities and at certain points of the world they are called guinea pigs. In relation to their physical characteristics, the guinea pigs for being rodents they have a small size, which accompany a figure with a little round or chubby, he has done that in certain parts of the world will compare them with pigs, its fur can be one color, but mainly occurs with multiple types of stains and various colors, fur is generally long, but there are certain species that have it short. Regarding the use of the guinea pigs as pets, the Guinea pig called Peruvian Guinea Pigs long and smooth, hair or angora, is preferred because they have some similarity with the fur of the angora cat. As for other applications of the guinea pigs, an example is the fact that in countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, some people wear as part of natural medicine and the Western medicine, used them as a means of experimentation.