Madrid, April 26, 2011-the Spanish Association for quality acoustics (AECOR) held this Wednesday 27 April the international day of awareness about noise that highlights the recent study conducted by the World Health Organization in March 2011, which has determined the noise as the second most damaging factor for health, after the noise pollution. The report notes that the acoustic pollution from traffic has cost more than one million healthy life years citizens due to diseases, dysfunctions or premature deaths associated with this type of pollution. AECOR, Juan Frias, Manager hopes that this day will serve to raise awareness of the danger facing our health being exposed to noise and to remember the need for municipalities with a greater number of inhabitants carried out action plans on black spots of the noise of our cities and environments. These days also marks the second anniversary of the entry into force of the core document of protection against noise (DB-HR) of the technical building code and AECOR commemorated with the release of an information poster on the DB-HR that pays homage to the classic Rue of barnacle and presents different acoustic solutions to problems of the day of the day of a building. With respect to the effect of DB-HR in new buildings, AECOR appreciates it positively, although he advocates a hardening of the acoustic requirements in the medium term. Since its implementation in 2009, some 133,000 homes have followed the new acoustic requirements of the document, much of the noise between neighbours as from abroad or the facilities of the building itself, so that before the end of the year could deliver the first homes with the new standards. On the other hand, AECOR also recalls that on June 30, 2012 it is expected that 63 municipalities of more than 100,000 inhabitants (representing 41 per cent of the population) carry out their strategic noise maps which will allow to the Administration and the citizen to know the degree condition of noise pollution in its cities and will form the basis for design, a year later, the action plans. These plans consist of the battery of corrective measures to be applied by the Administration in those areas that appear as dark spots in the field of noise. The municipalities of more than 250,000 inhabitants who developed their noise maps in 2007 must update them also for those dates, so that you can evaluate the new acoustic situation depending on the changes that the city has suffered and assess the effects produced by the corrective measures taken on the basis of the first noise maps. The time of realization of the new maps is approximately one year, so that AECOR takes advantage of this day to make a reminder for local authorities that have not yet completed the need to remove contest these works, making the maps before July 2012 and adopt plans of action with the corrective measures.