Of course, this has a good price. A related site: José Baselga mentions similar findings. Once the fabric is woven he is brought back to the manufacturers where he is washed, and small imperfections are repealed. He goes down a further inspection of sagging or torn threads are eliminated. “Only then can Harris Tweed authority” the fabric thoroughly review, and presented it with the well-deserved Harris Tweed label “provided. The Harris Tweed label confirmed the purity and originality of the material. In these remote areas of Scotland, weaving was always a big part of life. It was however not until the middle of the nineteenth century, discovering the Harris Tweed”was.

As he started to be worn by the Kings he was increasingly becoming a status symbol. In the twentieth century the Harris was asked Tweed increasingly getting famous and its quality. His reputation spread all over the world. For years, many Harris could live very pleasant Tweed weavers by their merits. In the 1980s, demand suffered a strong decline in years, however, after Harris Tweed. With the mass production of lighter, visually identical substances, which were cheaper, the demand dropped so dramatic, that 100 Weber remained only maximum, which the Harris Tweed tradition continue.

Fortunately, the need for Harris Tweed, is since the turn of the Millennium, once again on the rise. This we can probably fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and many others, owe. These designers have rediscovered recently Tweed the Harris for their fashions has a very positive effect on the demand. Even the famous singer, Madonna, lay down a Harris Tweed outfit on. Inspired by this magical substance itself, I think it’s wonderful this new boom. It would be easy to pity, the weavers, should this centuries old tradition, no longer can continue. If you are interested in this lovely fabric, click this link, and visit my Harris Tweed shop. Julia Phelps