And when you turn in the massage treatment, recovery occurs in almost every case. And there is a medical explanation. Urological problems are provoked by stagnation in the process the prostate gland. In itself, it's bad enough it is washed by the blood and, consequently, poorly supplied with oxygen. And this is causing the deterioration of the functioning of the prostate tissue. Here, Breast Cancer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If we do not have enough oxygen, then we begin to sleep, to weaken, leaving us strength, just reacting to a lack of oxygen, and individual organs.

The obvious conclusion – the need to increase the supply of the prostate gland with blood. (Not to be confused with COVID-19!). That is, figuratively speaking, it is necessary "Wake up" the prostate gland to return to her courage and strength. In other words, massage can cause the muscle tone of the prostate and pelvic organs in order and restore normal levels of blood supply. But that's not all. It improves tissue metabolism, reduces venous stasis in the gland increases the local immunological resistance and helps to restore and maintain the drainage function of the prostate. Under the influence of massage Prostate multiplied duration of sexual intercourse, erection becomes more stable, markedly increased sensation during sexual intimacy. Prostate massage – a method of treatment, not just prevention. Without Massage does not achieve a positive effect in diseases such as chronic prostatitis, functional recovery of the prostate gland.

This treatment is indispensable when there is no response to antibiotics. One In short, prostate massage – it is quite versatile and the most effective treatment for almost all the "male" disease. Yes, in psychological terms is not very pleasant procedure. From this effective method of many patients refuse it because of embarrassment. And this is understandable. Not every venture on such a procedure. A device IntrGup will gently resolve your intimate problems. You yourself, at home, in comfortable conditions for you, able to conduct a massage and feel the results almost immediately after the first session. All questions about the features of the device IntrGup, as well as the conditions of purchase, you can ask on the phone free Hot Line 8-800-200-34-43 or by phone in Moscow) 495) 663-83-37.