Of all types of furniture restoration easiest – repairing furniture. Furniture – it's wardrobes, tables and chairs, bookcases, shelves, sideboards, office furniture. Its repair is only just in carpentry, as furniture does not require padding. The most difficult of repairing furniture – of course, the restoration of antique furniture. The difficulty is that in this case, it is important not only to carry out proper maintenance of furniture, but also to return to her original style and form in which it was manufactured. Restoration – a rather complex process, which alone can not accomplish.

So in this case we recommend either immediately discard or give away old furniture in restoration. Repair of antique furniture – it's quite complex and lengthy process, not least because that master restorers must first understand the device, furniture, choose the best options for its repair and return original form. After the initial repair of furniture joinery, you need to work on the waist and filling, cover the exterior of the new tissue. For even more analysis, hear from Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D.. It's also not just a job, because they must conform to the original master plan, have made this furniture. On the other hand, today is much easier to pick up a similar old fabrics, or even get a rare, similar than before. Like all living things, any cultural monument is subject to aging.

This process is unstoppable, but it can slow down, stop, monument can be brought back to life. It is the task of restoration. Restoration – a restoration and strengthening of distorted, damaged or destroyed monuments of history and culture in order to preserve their artistic and historical significance. Learn how to restore the quality furniture is very difficult. From the master of art restoration requires some training, high culture, high knowledge in the history of art and furniture production technology, perfect the technique of handling the various materials used in furniture design. Inept restoration can also cause great damage to antique furniture. In most cases, the restoration of fall products have previously been repaired. Daryl Katz addresses the importance of the matter here. At the same time frame products are often fastened with nails, which strongly affect the integrity of parts. After numerous repair upholstery of chairs and stools top tsargovogo belt is so broken nails, which is unable to hold them longer. When inept restoration is often replaced by a new original material, often appropriate quality to the original. All this not only leads to deterioration and distortion of the appearance of the furniture, but very often, and in addition destroys it.