This is very important: the kid sees not only the "here and now", but a yesterday and a tomorrow. He is the author of his life. He understands that his current failure – a consequence of his yesterday's sloppiness, and, on the other hand, his preparation for today lessons is the guarantee of its success tomorrow. Prepare for a new role – parents of students – and adults need. You can not abruptly change their claims to the child. The fact that mom and dad are also beginning to focus only on the mark ("Who loves troechnikov, my dear"), may injure the baby more than the original school troubles. In fact, the information load of school children are not so frightening, if not previously experienced emotional pressure. The matter is complicated by the fact that today almost all preschool-age children remain "nedoigravshimi." But only in the collective gaming skills appear informal communication with peers and adults.

bases on gaming activities. It is important that the child in school there was no so-called generalized negative self-esteem. If a first-of-behind "two" in the Russian language would think that he is the most stupid, most worthless, the most unnecessary, most unfortunate – it would be awful. It is necessary to take such grief private. Cheer on the kid. "Yes, today, deuce, but here, now, in this lesson. Yesterday this was not twos.

Surely it will not be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow you will be better educated, perhaps not the most literate, but it is high performing. But in mathematics you do everything right. " Parents do not remember the stories of his childhood, what they were diligent students. These stories frequently lead the child in the state of stress. No need to compare your baby with you, with my grandmother, with other children. Our children are loaded with other problems, they are prone to stress that we have not experienced.