The passion of the jealousy is a monster that generates itself to itself and is born from its own entrails. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with ALS. Minucias slight as the air is confirmations for the jealous one; so full as if they came from the Sagradas Scriptures. Otelo de W. Shakespeare. The jealousy, as we saw in our previous article, are a complex conduct.

It includes components, emotional, mental and behavioural. It are expressed in different areas from interpersonal relation and not only in the scope of the pair. Despite we tried to center our article previous in the loving jealousy or of pair, where we saw the paper that this conduct had played from the evolutionary perspective. The psicosociobiolgicas theories, present/display the loving jealousy to us, like an adaptive conduct that has stayed in our repertoire by the paper that has played to guarantee the genetic survival of the individuals. It is a universal conduct, that has accompanied to our species throughout its history and different cultures. In this line of reasoning, the jealousy comprise of the normality of conduct of the individuals. The question as of this moment, serious Where the line begins that allows to separate what we understand by normal jealousy of the pathological jealousy? Certain dose of jealousy and expression of this conduct, cannot be considered pathological nor sickly. The jealousy even have positive aspects.

A minimum fear to lose what we loved or the loved person, can induce in us to the best one to take care of it of the relation, to get to grant more attentions towards the loved person, to try its good. This attention and dedication, are been thankful for by the pair and in some cases if lack can get to interpret itself like lack of affection signal. Professor Enrique Gonzlez Moncls of the Medicine Faculty of Barcelona (2005) in one of his article concludes, " the loving jealousy are, when its dimension is very moderate, a manifestation of love: through them, the watched over person feels valued, distinguished of the others and accepts a property level that, in reciprocity degree, she demands to which loves.