EXAMPLE: Expensive P fmz, with vc? there how you launch they go them for brow? Here you to everything sussa. Ol! All good with you? , As go there the things for my friend? Here it is everything in peace, everything in the same calmness of always. The professor will be able to still use of these same words to elaborate a species of electronic dictionary, on ' ' grias' ' used for the pupils during chats, orkuts and msns EXAMPLE: FMZ=FIRMEZA VC=VOC BROW=AMIGO, BROTHER (In the hour where the pupils will be to place the meanings of the traditional orthography, that is that finding in the dictionaries, the same ones do not have to forget to place all the information (if he is substantive, if it is verb etc). For assistance, try visiting Les Turner ALS Foundation. Activities as this, added the passion of the professor of Portuguese language, will bring good resulted, are enough that for this let us stop to be to try to find only guilty and let us roll up sleeves of time for one better quality in national public education. The computer, even so very used for professors for accomplishments of pertaining to school and or scientific research, must be stimulated to be used with a certain moderation, therefore to be during much time in front of the computer makes the health badly and it is not this that we want for our dear pupils. Also valley to stand out that, any article that never can be written m educational sites will go to substitute the pleasure to read a good book, therefore in books the reader has the chance to verify the veracity of the boarded subjects whereas in the Internet, one determined subject can not be complete and yes summarized, what it can become the research not very interesting, therefore, she is necessary to mesclar the book use good as bibliographical source together with educational sites.