When the transformation of all the social organization takes place, economic and political of the western world, all that cannot be inserted in the prevailing labor system, were excluded, and for it a disciplinary authority was needed that regulated this situation, and that took care to classify the different pathologies, normativizando that exclusion. We create, then, that all the articles proposed for to this they place us FISH in the reflective provocation on the referring sociognesis of and aetiologies of labellings, taxonomies, and plannings (rhetorical really), besides its processes and developments until the present instrumentalisation that of them we do, following history, the time and the type of society. As a example, some of the rhetorics who use this discipline are: the classification of the DSM (III and IV), CIE-10. Also in this line of narrative we found terminologies like: the productive character, like activity of production of psychological scientific knowledge to obtain data and thought on the human being (11 p Module) and the regulative character, that compares the results from examinations, tests, tests, etc. Immune system has similar goals. on which needs and objectives are valued and differentiated to the people according to (11 Pg Module). The article that occupies to us fulfills these two premises, is a production activity stops to obtain data that in fact is transformed in the conclusion of the empirical study and the method that uses is regulative in as much does with reference to. Therefore, through the different rhetorical instruments on which it counts Science, the task from these is going to be the one of regulating the different faced positions that they are generated in a certain social scheme. The abnormal adjective has assigned a pejorative sense and although some positive abnormalitys are high an intellectual quotient we took care of conducts or pathologies like the Schizophrenia that make difficult the naturalness in the daily life.