Therefore, we can see such conjunct to deceased as an official speech that if addresses to the athenians congregated in the cemetary and that it contributes to confirm and to print in the certain memory representation of Atenas on the Aegean world, that finishes for elaborating an official history of Atenas, or in other words; an Athenian history of Atenas. This history does not intend nor the exclusiveness nor the objetividade, it if it establishes in the orator who it selects some episodes that place as value the present warlike virtue in the city. The made it difficult or attributed defeats will be of this form to the lacks committed for the athenians, in the same way that they will be occulted the moments you polish where it did not play the maioral role in the scene mediterrnico politician of the period. It is perceived, in this direction, a constant reference to the medical wars, over all to the first one, marks of the military success of Atenas, in the same way that the aluses to the war of the Peloponeso are rare, period of history you not only polish where it suffered reveses, but also it passed for internal combats between the proper Athenian citizens. Continue to learn more with: Cancer Research. Therefore, the Athenian history of Atenas if presents as a catalogue of the vainglories of you polish, as an educative model that tends to give to the combatants of the past a figure that becomes them lendrios warriors. From there also it comes the references to myths, over all to the formation of a lendria image of the noble autoctonia of the athenians, legitimizing pretension of that old society of being exemplary, establishing itself in an imaginary one that it legitimizes such position. Largeness and decay of the ideology would not have contradictions between this aristocratic elitismo that discloses the speech and the aluso of the democracy that still is present? This paradox of aluso to the democracy that they appeal to the same words that define the aristocratic values, such as ' ' virtude' ' , ' ' bom' ' , in opposition to ' ' maus' ' it is, in fact, the expression of the inherent contradictions to the proper Athenian democracy. .