What is temperature? If you explain exactly on the fingers, the color temperature – it is the temperature at the surface of the light. For example, the Sun is slightly more than 6000 degrees Kelvin, a halogen lamp, this temperature of about 2800K, about incandescent bulbs, we generally will not speak. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with uterine sarcoma. Better go back to the metal-lamps, popularly called Xenon The first xenon lamps on cars have color temperature slightly below 4000K, then science has stepped forward and appeared lamps with a temperature of 4200-4300K. That is, these lamps are now available as spares. On the conveyor generally come with lamps 5200-5400K. But due to the large difference in the price of a xenon lamp with a temperature over 5000 K (namely from the German manufacturers) in our country do not have a large spread. But the range of Korean xenon lamps with temperatures up to 8500K is fully represented.

What's the difference except the price and number of name How would say classic of satire M. : if the other did not see, we are here (raising his thumb up)! Also with lamps. Philips and Osram Xenon 4300 shine a much whiter than any halogen bulb. But it is worth only include a number of Korean (5200K), and immediately see the difference (Korean whiter). Now remove the Germans and put to the Koreans (5200K), another Korean (6000K). And lo! How crappy light from a xenon lamp 5200K. Light becomes a sort of greenish. And what blinding white light emits xenon lamp with a temperature of 6000K. But we do not stop and instead of Korean xenon lamp with a temperature of 5200K 6500K lamp set.