In this case, the operation of these zones in these regions not only led to the expected economic breakthrough, but not brought to these regions in several regions of the donor – the Federal budget. Nevertheless, the process of creating sez at the regional level does not stop even for one day at absolutely misty goal-setting. Read more from Aquablation® therapy to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The fundamental need to establish a sez in Russia on the basis of studies of domestic and international scholars is nevertheless practically proven. However, conclusive, and the fact that effective implementation of This economic form may be subject to the following mandatory conditions: the formation at the federal level, a clear concept of sez, which takes into account, both federal and regional interests, violation of the principle of a unified economic space, the mutual economic interest, both local and federal authorities in the establishment of free zones; capabilities (and willingness) of the federal authorities to send significant budgetary funds to build infrastructure, sez, to understand what the real effect of a country can be obtained only in the long term, the provision of foreign and Russian investors operating in the fez, the best conditions for economic activities than those which they are abroad and the rest of the Sam Lesser. Under the objects of economic growth, defined as separate commercial entities, local free economic zones, capable of addressing the problem of not only its own development but also contribute to improving the socio-economic situation in the surrounding area or field of activity. It is assumed that objects Economic growth will be granted preferential treatment of management, they will receive state support, including guarantees for investments, partial government funding. At the same time financial resources of federal and regional sources will be allocated primarily on a returnable basis. This analysis leads to the conclusion that in Russia the creation of sez may be an effective instrument of regional policies, serve as a catalyst for creative and economic processes. Among the different problems faced in the path of their creation and functioning, there is really unsolvable. However, the presence of political will of the government. At the same time reaching a compromise in the interest of regional and federal authorities will be the main guarantee of stable development of such zones, and along with them and the state as a whole. It is in This should be the main purpose of all economic and political experiments and innovations in our country. Temporary failures of functioning of sez should be considered in the context of the overall failure of economic reforms, consisting, in my opinion, in disregard of international experience, incompetence and apathy of the government. And out of this situation is seen in the first place, to stabilize the political situation in the country, changing economic priorities. Ultimately, the main goal of public policy is to increase people's welfare, and hence the construction of the concept of free economic zones should be subject to First of all this.