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Diseases Apyrexia

Bouts of short duration – a few hours to 2-3 days. After the attack the temperature critically reduced to normal, comes apyrexia. For tick-borne relapsing fever is characterized by multiple febrile seizures – paroxysms of varying duration, separated by unequal-dimensional afebrile apyrexia intervals. Usually a lot of attacks (06/08/12), and there are cases when they are 15-18 and there are even more, an attack can last for 1-3 days. Periods usually last apyrexia from 1 to 5-9 days.

Febrile seizures end critical drop in temperature and copious perspiration. The total duration of the disease is 1.5-2 months. At diagnosis. The disease is recognized in the light of epidemiological data (living in endemic focus), a history of a primary passion, fever, and the entire clinical picture, confirmed the diagnosis is the detection of spirochetes in blood smears and thick drops of blood stained magenta. Spirochetes found in microscopy (mostly at an altitude of febrile seizure) in single copies, and a study of blood during apyrexia a careful viewing of the drug rarely identifies individual spirochetes. In addition to these methods, attack at the height of the spirochetes can be found in a drop of blood in dark field microscopy. At a blood analysis revealed a normal or slightly reduced white blood cell count, there is a relative lymphocytosis (30-40%) and monocytosis (10-12%). Differential diagnosis.

Distinction should be made with relapsing fever, transmitted by lice, as well as malaria, influenza and fever pappatachi. It takes into account the availability of primary affect, moderate enlargement of the spleen in the absence of increased liver, minor muscle pain, irregular paroxysms, monocytosis, blood plays a crucial role in the detection of spirochetes stained smears and microscopy thick drops of blood. Treatment. Bed rest, treatment biomitsin or tetracycline, or terramycin (300 000 IU 4-5 times a day for 6-8 days). Prevention. Rodent control, acaricidal activities (March – April and July – August), the correct unit of residential and industrial areas in cities, towns and villages (the absence of grooves and cracks in the walls of residential buildings and fences), a thorough whitewash and plaster. Legs of the bed should be placed in banks 5% DDT emulsion or kerosene, which prevents zapolzaniyu mites in bed on the floor. For more information see Pap Smear. The possibility of getting infected ticks in human skin repellents eliminate blur – deterrent substances (eg dimethyl phthalate).

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Serology Serum

Bacteriological method of diagnosis, especially in the acute stage of disease (in generalization of infection), is absolute confirmation of brucellosis, but the most difficult and time consuming, requiring special laboratory skills and associated conditions, and therefore it is practically inaccessible. Agglutination Wright often appears quite early (12-15) days of illness, specific, but gives considerable fluctuations titer, and sometimes for a long time can be negative. Titer 1: 200 is conclusive, especially if the increase in titer was observed at re-examination of paired sera.

Reaction Heddlsona – Kaytmazovoy several less specific, but has the advantage over Wright’s reaction to the simplicity of setting and speed response. Purely washed glass divided into 6 squares on the length of 4X4 cm each. Micropipette is poured in the tested serum amounts of 0.08, 0.04, 0.02, 0.01 and 0.02 ml (control serum). For the first four doses of the serum was added one drop of antigen Heddlsona (boiled bacterial suspension in 12% solution of sodium chloride with the addition of gentian-violet color, or methylene blue). The serum is mixed with an antigen with a glass rod, starting with the smallest dose of serum. By the last dose (control serum) was added one drop of saline. Biopsy specimen may also support this cause. Control of antigen placed in adding 0.03 ml of saline to 0.03 ml of antigen. Glass then uniformly heated over a spirit lamp flame for 2 minutes to about 37 . In the case of a positive reaction in the first minutes of flakes appear in the droplets..

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