Regressive techniques are part of the world of Transpersonal Psychology, is based at self-examination to deep-level and personal growth with the aim of achieving well-being and integration of being that we are transpersonal frame hosts the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual world of the person. We are living moments of intense evolution in which we need to integrate our soul. The personal crisis is the time in which those aspects of our being that they are not integrated and they do not know through internal States of confusion, sadness, anguish, fears these emotions are the voice of those aspects that need to be brought to the conscious to be integrated. Normally these aspects remain unconscious, although we know of his presence by the discomfort we feel. The basic tool of this technique is the internal from the relaxation work, because this allows access to the subconscious world and bring awareness to our deep wounds and heal them.This technique allows a way easy access to these dissociated aspects of being and integrate them.

The ultimate goal is to resume contact with the personal power of each one, to experience States of being that we are, be aware of our nature once looks liberated of what limits us and keeps us living with past patterns that direct our lives, repeating personal experiences that lead to emotional pain and prevent us from expressing our genuine nature and live from the trust, in a continuous discovery of our being, our skills and attributes, in an experience internal staying at home, connected to our heart, that is the voice of our soul… Not only it is a therapeutic framework, the process teaches tools and resources the person to apply them in their daily lives, as learning to breathe correctly, relax, learn to connect with our interior, knowing our strengths and resources to accompany us in life and cope with life situations from the trust. This technique allows to approach therapy focusing on our life history, but for people who are they identify with the past lives and a spiritual context, allows to explore past lives, exploring the space between lives around an inner journey of self-discovery and learning. The technique is based on relaxation, which allows access to an expanded state of consciousness in which we can access information which the conscious can or can’t remember many times. The experience of situations which in turn generated us suffering in a State of relaxation, lets you clean those situations and liberate the subconscious of what does not let us live with welfare. It is a simple and yet powerful technique because when you work with the subconscious it goes directly to the source of the conflict, this makes generally it a process of a few months, especially when cutting vital crises appearing at a given time. One of the aspects that would highlight the regressive techniques is allowing the person connected with itself to deep level!. And finally, I would stress that the person can work and learn more about your mental, emotional and spiritual world.