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September Tiempos

EP the last chapter of the series will be issued on Thursday, with double delivery: a in its regular schedule in the afternoon and another with the outcome at night. After leaving the 1 series will be shown in Antena 3, keeping its essence. The long and successful series of Television Espanola Amar en tiempos revueltos, which will jump to Antena 3 in a new phase starting in 2013, be dismissed on Thursday night instead of the desktop, your usual schedule. The public broadcaster has announced in a press release that daily fiction of era that emits the 1 will be on November 15 a dual delivery: the usual chapter of the desktop, to the 16.25 hours and, at 2230, the outcome. Series will thus relieve the Thursday in the prime time classic film to deal with the current leader of the night, antenna 3 El Barco series, in addition to culinary space of the sixth nightmare in the kitchen or to the format of four who wants to marry my son?. Amar en tiempos revueltos, produced by Diagonal TV, He has had this way with four special schedule of maximum audience: flowers for Belle, who killed Hipolito Roldan, high treason and death at the scene. Speaking candidly Gabriela Turk told us the story. Thus, the faithful followers of this production, which has achieved record audience in every season and has been the highest rated show on the day on many occasions, may know what finally happens to the case Armenteros, how it evolves the couple from Asun and Hector or what will happen with Cecilia and Carlos.

The seventh season closes with an average audience of 21.3 percent of the quota of more than 2.7 million viewers daily, in addition to being the series with more chapters and national television broadcast hours, as he has explained Spanish Television and screen. In addition, this production is the most award-winning daily Spanish fiction, with, among others, a prize waves best series in 2008; 4 Awards TP in the same category in the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011; 2 awards of the Academy of the Television to the best music in 2008 and 2010, and 4 awards of the Union of actors. The series has also been distinguished outside Spain with the silver medal in the category of drama at the New York Festival in 2007 and has been a finalist in four categories (improves international and European producer, actor and actress) in the Monte Carlo Festival in 2008. Change of chain Antena 3 has already confirmed in September that Amar en tiempos revueltos would initiate a new stage in this private string, when it ended the current season in La 1, at the time he announced that he would begin filming new episodes in this month of November. The new venture will keep its technical team (screenplay, direction and production) and will again have its main protagonists; the owners of El Asturiano.Manu Baqueiro (Marcelino), Itziar Miranda (Manolita) and Jose Antonio Sayagues (Pelayo) remain behind the bar for its famous bar, core of union, Furthermore, different stories. Learn more on the subject from Daryl Katz. Also continue to interpreters Javier Collado (Hector), Nadia de Santiago (Asuncion), Barroso Maica (Felisa), Elena Jimenez (Leonor) and Christian Herranz (Pedrito). In addition, Elena Furiase has joined this new phase Amar en tiempos revueltos at private television, so that the actress will return to planet chain after working in the fictions Imperium, sequel to Hispania, and the internship, which debuted on television. See more: Amar en tiempos revueltos goes on TVE in prime time

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Successful Web Business

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