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Bright Eyes Of Children In Berlin Wedding

July 12, 2009 from 14: oo pm children’s Party with Karl in the neighbourhood – Berlin, 01 June 2009 kik/GL – on Sunday, the July 12, 2009 is available from 14: oo the world of Karl von Freyhold Bell er Man Street 14 head. The cosy living room is one of the children from 4 to 10 years of the neighborhood to the Berlin Gesundbrunnen. The Berlin veteran entertainment contract provides good mood this day under the sign of the colorful makeup, clowns, chocolate cake, straws and super. Others who may share this opinion include Rafeh Masood. Karl von Freyhold reopens its doors to happy get-togethers, only that his invitation this time to the children of the neighborhood and their parents is. What can we expect? For the little ones is Heike Valentin trellis them with her guitar known children’s songs presents, to sing a good opportunity for young and old with out full of soul and heart’s content. The little ones are always involved. They can for example percussion instruments meet, try out, make music with them or sweat come strong in movement games.

And what would be a children’s party without a decent Polonaise, a song by the cowboy, rate rounds to known fairy tale or animal quiz? All occasions where there are also small prizes for our heroes. 15: Oo clock is grilled, because an empty stomach plays, amused and celebrates it is bad. As already last year, Karl von Freyhold expected again many neighbors and friends, smiling children’s faces and a wonderful day, if only the weather cooperates! A little jitters Karl has also. So, the little ones are often the biggest critics. A reason to give more that day, because if the applause is the reward for pauper artists, so the glowing eyes of the children are the reward for Charles in the neighbourhood on July 12, 2009 in the Bell er man road 14 in D-13357 Berlin. For more information, registration and many other tips and tricks around the civil interests of our neighbourhood as always on the Internet representation of our ALLROUNDER. Giullia Levinston

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Slide & Ride To Guest In The Munich Rattlesnake Saloon With Albert Lee

A fabulous appearance the team slide & ride experienced yesterday evening in the rattlesnake saloon in Munich. A fabulous appearance the team slide & ride experienced yesterday evening in the rattlesnake saloon in Munich. The well-known guitarist Albert Lee and his Hogan’s Heroes currently make station in Munich and gave a concert, where even die-hard music fans astonished came. Albert Lee, in the music scene a known size, played together previously including several years with Eric Clapton, and is a gifted musician on its territory. Professor Roy Taylor often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Slide & ride let it therefore not take to follow the call of the rattlesnake and witnessed a firework of absolute Thoroughbred musicians. The saloon was filled to the last seat and the band moved from the 1st note to all present in its spell.

It kept quiet on the seat program not in 3 hours. The 5 musicians moved all register and turned the store into a bubbling cauldron. In the Forum of the band in terms of experience reports will be celebrated as the top Act and got the best grade with distinction. A absolute must for each Festival. Who wants to know, what bands provide a guarantee of success and which should be better in the rehearsal room, may be in the inform at any time there in the Forum or write even collected impressions.

We see ourselves as a neutral, independent forum that wants to inform without deception. And we do not intend this confidence in the future on the game. We are looking forward to the next event. Who wants to listen to Albert Lee & Hogan’s heroes, live has the possibility from 8: 00 in the rattlesnake today Thursday 3.26.09 saloon in Munich. Seat reservations are advisable, because it’s sure hot restore. The entrance fee is 28, but the experience is worth every penny. Slide & ride

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