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It thought: the black color is the blackout, the closed eye; you do not see nothing. The white is the opened eye, is the light! (ZIRALDO, 1986, p.29). The author of the Brown Boy considers the inferiorizao of the black as basic condition of racist ideology and this ideological image of the black stimulate a racist, inferiorizante vision, pautada in the disdain. The alienation of the brown boy, proposal for the author, makes with that it if feels inferiorizado and obliged to dress one ‘ ‘ white mask 7 ‘ ‘ , it suffers, then, of psychological upheavals with the inferiority feeling before the white. ‘ ‘ Saint mother, the head of rapazinho boiled.

There, it conclua: for the Man, everything turns symbol! (…) its cabecinha of adolescent arrived to creak crec, crec, crec, it saw the hour that it went derreter’ ‘ (ZIRALDO, 1986, P. 29). The black suffers from a existencial shunting line implemented by the white culture. A true neurosis takes account of psiqu of the black, it tries in all way to run away from its proper identity, it tries the cost all to verwhelm its proper presence. The white values seem truest, the most evolved.

(FANON, 1967, P. 95). Thus, the black feels itself weak, inferior, making possible, of this form, the increase of the cultural domination. In this perspective affirms Darcy Ribeiro: ‘ ‘ Aspect more perverse of racism assimilacionista is that it of the one of itself image of big sociability, when, in fact, it disarms the black to fight against the poverty that is imposed to it, and dissimulates the conditions of the terrible violence the one that is submetido’ ‘. (RIBEIRO, 1995, P. 226). ‘ ‘ My beloved friend: I walked sad very lately, therefore he was feeling very its lack.

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The Flow

Amongst the main formal characteristics (estilsticas) of the modernismo &#039 is included; ' flow of conscincia' ' , through which the authors present a concern for the influence of external factors, as social and historical change, on internal factors, the psychic life? what it goes very beyond the realistic romance, that it looks to make the picture of a time, giving account of the social spaces etc. 3. Go to Moderna vaccine for more information. The Flow of Conscience the conscience flow is one technique modern narrative that presents the conscience of the personage in ideal way, without interference of the narrative author/or of any external element. The term was appropriate of the psychoanalysis (the equivalent in English of ' ' they stream of consciousness' '), having been created for United States psychologist William James (1842? 1910), that it intended to define the conscience as a continuous process, a flow, a rapids, and not as a broken up, divided process, fracionado, presenting as a chain. It is what we can understand of the following ticket: The conscience, then, is not figured perforated in pieces. Words as? chain? or? train? they do not describe it appropriately. (…) It is not nothing articulated, it flows. One? river? or one? flow? it is the metaphor for which it is more of course described.

Speaking of it to break daqui, we go to call it the flow the thought, the conscience, or the subjective life. (JAMES apud. OAK, 1981. Translation mine). Such term has been used as synonymous of interior monlogo, however valley to stand out that while conscience flow ' ' it is properly before a psychological term that literrio' ' , the interior monlogo is a literary term ' ' synonymous of solilquio not falado' '.

(SCHOLES & KELLOGG apud. OAK, 1981). Also, the terms must be distinguished by if relating the techniques different: while the first search even though to represent in writing the processes of thought of data personage, reached the daily pay-verbal level, of speaks not articulated, as said in the following ticket: ' ' the fiction of flow of the conscience differs necessarily from any psychological fiction for less saying respect to the developed levels of what the rational verbalizao? the levels to the edge of ateno' ' (HUMPREY, 1976 apud.

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