Clearly, the registry has the utility of which thus you can respond to messages and vincularte socially, but and all the images happen to be public. Immediately the little security around that is perceived. The search of people is interesting: If beams click where it says Buscar, you can accede to a map of the world where you can select to the country and anyone of the different cities to see that are connected. In addition if you want to know who are near you, you can find out also it in this option. The option of instantaneous mail is as effective as Windows Live Messenger: you can talk not yet being connected and to make arrive your messages at that you want, which can be seen once the person connects itself. The obstacles of this platform, besides the mentioned ones at the outset, have to do mainly with their interface, which enough is neglected to be a so present page and so quoted. The other that it has as defect is what happens in many social networks and that are the facility of being able to establish a false profile. Generally they appear many profiles and images of people who in fact are false and look for to bind yes because, or simply to make fun of of other people. This clears seriousness to him to the subject enough, in addition that many people get to be quite offensive when simply you are saluting, which also speaks of the type of people that makes the rounds by this page. Generally Spanish Badoo is a good platform to meet, but it is necessary to have patience to him to some of these people and to have well-taken care of and so you raise, because it does not enjoy great security.