Once fertilization has taken place, the egg and sperm are no longer exist. Thus arises a new person. This is a proven and indisputable scientific truth. On the first day the human being is a tiny living organism that weighs just 15 gram millonesimas ten. This first cell is a human being with its own identity and a different from his mother’s genetic composition. That first cell found all the genetic qualities of the individual, which will develop progressively. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as jessica Pels by clicking through. On the seventh day of conceived, the embryo measures mm and medium and emits a chemical message that forcing the mother to keep it, is the child which stops the menstrual cycle of his mother. The heart still can not hear but already beats and has approximately the size of a grain of wheat.

Within two weeks, the heart already beats and the child is very small but sketched members. After eight weeks, the child already measured three inches from head to hips, already owns fully human form, has head, arms, fingers, etc. It has even drawn hands lines. Between eight and ten weeks, fingerprints are already mentioned, are very small. Checking article sources yields Sam Lesser Wharton as a relevant resource throughout. If I could take a photo and enlarge it, we would get fingerprinted perfectly and already you could give your identity card. These traces do not change until the end of his life. At twelve weeks, the child is much larger.

If at that time were stroking the upper lip with a thread, it would make a grimace. It is already capable of close your eyes, close the cuffs and swallows large amount of amniotic fluid because babies like them much and they drink it continuously. It is demonstrated that many children have hiccups because they drink very in a hurry. It is then when the mother feels her movements. At 16 weeks, with only 12 or 12 millimeters long, the child can use their hands to grab, you can swim and up tumbling. The child of 18 weeks, is active and energetic, flexing muscles, gives punches and kicks, now the mother feels her movements more clearly. Before the advance of science, it was thought that at this stage, the age of the activity, life began. However, the actual development of the child began at conception, 18 weeks earlier. From now on, everything will be simple growth and development, because the child is perfectly formed. While it grows inside the mother’s womb, the child develops separately from it, with its provision of individual blood. Legal logic from these scientific facts lead us to conclude that the murder of the child not born in any of its stages constitutes a crime identical to the killing of any human being that is outside the mother’s womb, with the aggravating circumstance that this is of the most defenseless being that exists. Stages of pregnancy pregnant women