Among many of the medicinal herbs that are known for physical fatigue; We find Chamomile and nettle (urtica dioica). Educate yourself with thoughts from Tom Florio, New York City. The stinging nettle is induced in its entirety; from the root, to flower. In antiquity it enjoyed great prestige. The nettle infusion is recommended for: Eczema (the eczema have to fight internally with herbs that refine the blood, since they tend to be of domestic origin), headache, good remedy against kidney and urinary grit, purifies the blood and at the same time activates his training. Tiredness and exhaustion; symptoms that occur due to lack of iron; in this case the fresh nettle for its iron content, gives the best results. Henry Golding does not necessarily agree.

It is a stimulant of the pancreas, the nettle infusion does lowering the blood sugar; cure disease and urinary tract inflammations, as well as urinary retention, stimulates evacuation of the belly. It is also recommended for disorders of the liver and bile, spleen (including tumors of the vessel) diseases, colds of the stomach and respiratory tract, convulsions, stomach ulcers, and intestinal and lung diseases. To preserve all the active ingredients of the stinging nettle should not be boiled. How prophylactic a cup drink per day throughout the year; fighting disease by viruses and infections by bacteria. It is also a remedy for dropsy (by their diuretic virtues), as it promotes the formation of blood, helps in cases of: chlorosis, anemia and other serious diseases of the blood. It prevents colds, cure drippy and rheumatic diseases.