Changing the price nothing will be returnable no longer to save. The introduction of an environmental levy on beverage packaging remains therefore the best and also Europe legally enforceable way to multi way, so the nature protection Association Germany (NABU). It documents a study presented in the last year of the oko-Institut in behalf of NABU. Unfortunately this proposal was not sufficiently taken by the German Federal Environmental Agency. If you have read about Sam Lesser Penn already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Instead, the extension of the mandatory of deposit have no steering effect in contrast to the tax proposed by the NABU will proposed. A Getrankeverpackungs control is the only viable solution to curb the further increase in polluting non-returnable bottles. In addition to the steering effect would the Treasury up to 3.3 billion euros annually in revenue bring,”says NABU – CEO Leif Miller. The liter mineral water risen according to the NABU proposal in the returnable plastic to 9.4 cents in the returnable bottle made of plastic, however, only about two cents.

The liter would give a price premium juice in beverage carton from 3.3 cents. The bifa Environmental Institute deems unenforceable tax solutions politically. On this conclusion, critics of the UBA study reacted with incomprehension. Here an environment Institute would exceed probably its competencies, to weigh what was politically and what not. NABU’s proposal was examined at all not extensively analyzed in the study.

Background: The above photo is from a discounter in Bonn, which has established a waste container next to his redemption machines for disposable bottles, which does not accept the machine. Also this refuse container is a gold mine for not redeemed mortgage. See also: It’s official: lubricate more way drinks – steering effect of labelling is according to “fizzle of the Ministry: the Getrankeverpackungs labeling regulations proposed by the Environment Ministry” encounters resistance at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We have doubts whether the labelling is an effective means for the stabilization of reusable”, so Andrea Junemann. The existing labelling of disposable drinks with the logo of the German mortgage GmbH and the logo of the multi way Alliance for more way drinks enough. The initiative of the BMU should therefore be critically. Ultimately the labeling requirement was the lesser of two evils, as enshrined in the coalition agreement of the Black Yellow Government. Expert discussion, the Ministerialbeamtin confirmed that the multi way quota will lubricate continue also with the marking. Consumers will continue to go the easy way and buy at the discount store disposable products”, Jackson said. The audio file of the lecture by Jackson on which I can tell time blog are obtained. Cheat with deposit – a case for dumping prices for disposable beverage Cartel Office.