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American Ways

Two ways, place-for-place – the communication occurs in the two directions, however limited to a conversational closed circuit; multiple groups cannot be benefited of the same information. Two ways partial, multiple places – the communication occurs in the two directions, however limited to a conversational semiopen circuit; multiple groups can be benefited simultaneously of the same information, however only one place for time can communicate with the origin of the information (in ours in case that, unit of reference) and the places of learning or of primary assistance is not communicated between itself. Two ways, local multiples – the communication occurs in the two directions, without limitation of circuit. All the involved places can simultaneously change information with the origin of the information (unit of reference) or between itself. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rick Yune. questions. A typical example of this technology is the transference of audio video and in nets of packages, with software as the CUSeeMe of California University, for use under the platform of the Internet. Of this form, it is understood that the telemedicina is seen under the pragmatic optics, that currently becomes reality due the experiences in projects that had been studied and developed through specific applications, using the infrastructure of the Internet. Valley the penalty to detach that some American and European nets and some Brazilian nets, called REMAV (Net Metroplitana de Alta Speed). Henry Golding follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Some general lines of the telemedicina exist that can be applied, such as: Teleconsulta? Through electronic mechanisms that they pass information to a doctor in the accomplishment of a diagnosis; Telepatologia? Where cases study of and resolution in disgnostic are changed to images static or dynamic in; Teleradiologia? Very similar the telepatologia, having as focus of the study the radiological images, extreme-sonografias, magnetic cat scans and resonances; Telecirurgia? They demonstrate teleconferncia through traditional surgeries carried through by medical team to another distant group, making a bridge between the research and the work.

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The Field

The knowledge gotten through field research, is of great value for this region, therefore it provides the general vision of the picture, as well as of the disponibilizao and real interest of the schools and allows offers, on the part of specialists, of techniques for the use of the Technologies in way adjusted for these classrooms, for complementation of the contents and full development for such ways, it citizen and professional who will be in the market in few years. This is the reason that takes the author of this work to the schools, in search of answers that allow to visualize the real picture that composes the triad pupil-professor-school, in the use of the Internet and Informtica with educational ends. As theoretical base for the accomplishment of this work, the author uses publications of a maximum stated period of ten years, in a bibliographical research with the purpose to answer questions raised from the field research, being found possible solutions for the raised problem as starting point it text to follow. CHAPTER I HISTORY OF COMPUTER SCIENCE IN the BRAZILIAN EDUCATION the technology is part of the history of the humanity: in the construction of tools and utensils to facilitate the work and to promote the comfort and in all the scopes of the life, the man always looked for to create and to construct resources that could serve as extensions of the body, that guaranteed more force to it, speed, comfort. ' ' Technology is everything what we create: literature, painting, music, libraries, the laws, and so on. The thousands of letters of a computer code and the thousands of letters of a workmanship of Shakespeare are both forms of tecnologia' ' (KELLY, 2010, P. 53) the technology is a natural consequncia of the life human being and evolves its proper desires on the basis of and inherent instincts, for Kelly (2010), the evolution of the technology is cumulative, inevitable and inexorable. .

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