One of the factors that help you to shine far better is the hair and when it is healthy, abundant and taken care of very well you will manage to as much captivate the attention of them as of them. To have a strong and healthy hair will help sentirte and verte well you, shining a beautiful hair. The healthy and strong hair is part of our ideal of beauty and an expression of the attractive personnel and the individuality, since it frames the face and it helps you to shine different at every moment according to the hairdo, cuts or color, but over the years the hair is mistreated. In order to maintain it healthy, strong, brilloso and full of life, some nutrients exist that are especially beneficial for the hair, avoid the excessive fall, the dryness or the excess of fat, besides the fragility and breaks in the ends. These nutrients are in treatments elaborated with a specific combination of amino acids, proteins and vitamins of the group B, that provide to the hairy leather the necessary nutrients for the growth of a strong and healthy hair. But to think to have clean, healthy, abundant hair, that are not sufficient since something that is truly important is the color that owns your hair, many women tincture the hair and as well as many tincture many has problems to choose the color that is adapted for them or makes that them shine well, so so that selections the color of wished hair, first that you must of knowing is that the color that you see in the box of the dye is not the color that you will obtain.

The color of the dye in your hair depends on your natural color. Therefore if you want to avoid disagreeable surprises you can test recommended in all the boxes of dyes: it takes a tuft and you test djala a day and if you like pntate all the hair. But always he is recommendable that you consult to your dermatologist before taking any treatment..