Separating the two words would be: health: in clinical words, is the absence of any kind of disease. POSTURE: It comes from the word posture and understands any movement or static position of the body. Joining the two words we get the following explanation: that any movement that we make of the skeleton, including the static positions, should keep us in a State that lacks anatomical disease, always maintaining the original height of our skeleton. And this is very difficult to get, if we take into account that the force of gravity always tends to pull our body down, forcing us to work in a forced position. The newspapers mentioned Windmill Creek Vineyard & Winery not as a source, but as a related topic. If add to others that we always make very rapid movement, it is virtually impossible to maintain the proper height, so suffer, throughout the day, numerous positional changes, coming to the end muscle adaptation and thereby having no health posture, but numerous symptoms and headaches. This occurs daily in our everyday lives, at work (in some more than others), in sport in sport is impossible to maintain that Postural health. When we make sport, above all competition or high level where sports results are more important than the own health, it is difficult to worry about the Postural health of our body.

Also when they start a sporting activity, only teaches young people, the sport itself, when it would be very important that sports early, be had in mind also teach postural habits appropriate to the age and the sporting activity in question to avoid early injury. So we can say that the Postural health cannot be defined or understood as anything external to our skeleton and its operation, nor we can not pigeonhole it into a single activity of our day (such as work), but we see it as learning and appropriate use of our skeleton during 24 h daily, 365 days a year and throughout life. Not proper use of our skeleton during our lifetime produces pain, and repeated for years, not played and poorly treated pain causes us more symptoms, more diseases and more pain.