This pivoting head wears a DSLR camera with lens up to a weight of approx. It’s believed that BIG & LOUD Programs sees a great future in this idea. 1.361 grams, a compact digital camera or camcorder and allows photos in portrait as well as landscape. The ZipShot tripods are suitable also for a very special purpose: with help from one or more ZipShots you can go simple but most effective way southerners mobile light set, by one positioned strobes on the tripods. The set is highly mobile due to the low weight of the tripods and flashes “-schnell ready for use. With the new ZipShot mini, as also with the established ZipShot, turns even when spontaneous snapshots not on the use of a tripod Tamrac photographer, want. Because with just 255 grams (ZipShot mini) and 312 grams (ZipShot ) can be weight and length in the collapsed state of only 23 or 38 centimeters, the ZipShots easy to transport and meet more than the idea of mobility.

Using optional accessories to be again increased the functionality of the ZipShot tripods. For an optimal transport for both models are custom-fit pockets available to the ZipShot carrying case”as well as the ZipShot mini carrying case”. These can be easily transported, by MAS system fixing it to the shoulder strap of a camera bag or on the Tamrac, about which many Tamrac bags have. “Furthermore, a quick-release ZipShot is for both tripods accessory kit” available, a quick connection, enabling a compact or a DSLR camera with the ZipShot can be connected. The kit consists of a base adapter that attaches to the ZipShot head, as well as two camera adapters – a small and delicate for compact cameras, as well as a more stable for DSLR cameras. These are attached to the camera’s tripod socket and can remain there even if it is just not used or transported in a bag, because the adapter take little space.