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High Pond

Environmental project of the CJD youth village Offenburg by UNESCO and dm nominated with “The water at the bottom go RELOADED” is the environment class of special vocational school nominated for an award in the amount of 1,000 euros by dm-drogerie markt youth village for Offenburg in the CJD and the German Commission for UNESCO. In the impressive environmental project, the young people on their own build a high pond, which can hold up to 12 cubic meters of ground water. The collected water is used for irrigation of the school garden, as well as the biotope. The competition “ideas initiative future” promote dm-drogerie markt and the German Commission for UNESCO numerous projects, advocating for a Livable World of tomorrow. DM provides for this purpose more than 1.5 million euros. The best projects were evaluated by a jury made up of experts from dm and the German Commission for UNESCO as a sustainable present themselves until January 26, 2011 in a dm market in their region. Voting card customers there can votes for their favorites.

Anyone who presents his idea, receives 250 euro. Funding increases to 1,000 euros for the project with the most votes. The environment class of special vocational school in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg was successfully nominated and presented in these days a self built model of their project in the dm market in Berghaupten. With the predecessor project “The water on the ground go”, had the former environmental class 2009 successfully in the competition by dm-drogerie markt and UNESCO participated. While young people in the school garden had defeated a well and built a wind turbine that drives the pump. Now the “RELOADED” project aims to collect funded ground water and use to pour the flower and vegetable beds, as well as for the wetlands.

Also is the new high pond with various water plants and an asset to the already very beautiful school garden of Offenburg youth village equipped domestic fish species such as Roach and Gudgeons. Currently, the excavation for the pond, runs naturally without the use of heavy machinery. In a neighbouring Municipality will then obtain the required lumber for the Mount of the pond directly from the forest CJD employees Peter Bissert project team. Then, the young architects in a local shop want to opt for an environmentally friendly pond liner. “When everything is ready, we invite an Offenburg kindergarten to a ‘waterproof'” Peter Bissert promises. Also the high pond at the annual open day of CJD will be presented on May 7, 2011 public youth village Offenburg.

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Taiwan’s continued efforts to tackle climate change the climate change – mitigation that urgent challenge, the international community now faces the – has a direct impact on the sustainable development of Nations around the world, as well as the survival of humanity. Despite Taiwan’s unique status in international politics, our Government participates actively in global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and encouraged the citizens to support these efforts. In 2010 we committed voluntarily to the UNFCCC secretariat and the international community, to set specific emission reduction targets. The international community should recognize Taiwan’s actions and record it in the worldwide network of mutual support. Two strategic components can be distinguished in our efforts to reduce the effects of climate change: the containment of the phenomenon and adaptation. Official site: Dean Ornish M.D. In terms of on the mitigation of climate change, the Government put the Republic “China end 2009 the Steering Committee of the Executive Yuan for energy saving and CO2 reduction”, which is responsible for the formulation of a national master plan to reduce emissions. There is a solid legal framework establish active a green transport infrastructure, as well as low-carbon energy systems, communities and industries. In 2012, Taiwan adopted national policies for adaptation to climate change for eight major areas: disasters, basic infrastructure, water resources, land use, coastal areas, energy, biodiversity and health.

In addition, the Government is pushing ahead to adopt a law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This Act provides the legal framework for the reduction of greenhouse gases along with a new energy tax law that currently being evaluated, the energy law, which is already in force, and the Act for the development of renewable energy in Taiwan. President Ma Ying-jeou has expressly stated that the development of an environment with one of the five pillars of Taiwan’s national development unless low CO2 emissions and high use of green electricity to make Taiwan gradually to an island with low carbon levels and green energy. .

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