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The Body

These sensations of discomfort are reminders of the nature of that something is wrong in the air or temperature that surrounds us and that undesired condition must be altered. In summer it is not usually necessary to seek protection of the destemplanzas of time in winter; However, the effects of the summer can be as damaging and perhaps more damaging than the winter. Frequently The Michael J. Fox Foundation has said that publicly. It is well known that high temperatures are more harmful than the casualties. Effect of temperature the human body maintains a temperature of 98.6? F if the automatic control of the body cannot maintain the temperature of the body within certain limits, i.e., a few degrees above and below this normal temperature, the effect can be deadly. Reaction to the change of temperature this automatic regulation is achieved by diverting the blood of the outer areas of the body towards the inmates, or conversely, as needed.

For example, if the air is cold in the vicinity of the body, the blood is withdrawn towards the inside so that the heat-producing organs of stay warm and protected. If the atmosphere is warm, the blood is transferred to the inside of the body towards the external parts close to the skin, in a manner the greater possible amount of heat discharging air. Normal weather conditions pleasant and comfortable produce a uniform distribution of the bloodstream, through all the tissues of the body. Heat dissipation from the body in a very hot environment, sometimes is hard to remove heat from the body, which is continuously produced by chemical action on the inside of the body. In average humidity conditions, blood loses excess heat through excessive exhalation of perspiration through the pores of the skin and a refreshing effect occurs when the sweat evaporates. However, when the humidity is high, the air cannot absorb more moisture than when this dry. The body cannot delete then your excess heat as easily.

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Paris Family

Brightness of Tamara de Lempicka’s career fades gradually, try a relaunch to early 1960s without much success since the incursion of this icon of Art Deco in abstract painting, in vogue in those years, is a dismal failure of profound emotional consequences, to the point of taking the decision to definitively abandon paintingto this we must add the death of her husband in 1962 which leaves it definitely devastated so the following year moved his residence from New York to Houston where he lives in the company of his daughter and her family. Perhaps nothing or very little is known of these years, with the exception of how difficult that makes life for your daughter and family, this being a period of silence until 1973 organizes a retrospective of his work in Paris returning to put on the table as one of the great artists of the 20th century; in 1974, already ill, he moved to Cuernavaca where he died in 1980 and where, complying with the will of his mother, Kizette scatters his ashes on the Summit of the Volcano Pococatepetl A many miles from here, in my house, lying against the wall of the room expects me a woman with blond hair who looks like sculpted blows chisel, with its white and soft skin and voluptuous lips in intense Carmine, sleeping peacefully to entertain waiting; an extraordinary exhibition of ambiguous sensuality that defined the art of the divine Tamara.. Under most conditions Dean Ornish M.D would agree. . .

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