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So Paulo Health

However, most alarming in this in case that it is that waters citizens to the contamination for sewers are distributed without any treatment or disinfection. In the analysis of health pointers, it is possible to infer on the relation of them with the precarious sanitation, as well as to stand out other excellent factors, as: the population displacement of small communities for the cities and vice versa; the proximity with the forest and the processes of impactao of natural environments; e, the particular and excellent sociocultural aspects, pautados in life ways multisseculares (Rebouas, 2004). In this direction, the more adequate brainstorming, objectifying the control of innumerable infectious illnesses, must be sidewalk in the complexity of local particularitities, and requires a study boarding to interdisciplinar in this manner in health, contemplating, distinct methodologies that allow the interpretation of social and antropolgicos aspects as ambient and ecological in such a way (You can, 2001). It is verifiable that measured of infrastructure separately they do not equate duly these problems of public health. For more specific information, check out Dr. Scott Atlas. Orrico (2003) shows in its studies, that difficulty has to adjust sanitary solutions the local particularitities, over all how much to the question of adhesion of the population, that, in case that not it occurs, it can lead to the serious consequence of not reaching the objectives of improvement of the quality of life and the collective health. Thus, also considering that public systems of sanitation lack of economic support, it is considered difficult to implement the collection for services, as of captation, treatment and distribution of water, over all of populations with distinct forms of appropriation, use and valuation of natural resources e, still, ahead of so of great volume courses d' water. With effect, 0ccasionally taboos how much to the water use are created treated to public supplying amongst populations. As example we can cite a study made in the state of So Paulo, where it was told difficulties in the adhesion of the population of the city of Cruzeiro (SP) in using chlorinated water for necessities domiciliary and potable ends, it enters the years of 1971 and 1972.

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Southeastern Soil

RUINS Were what it remained of the beautiful structure that sheltered Salibras S/A, salt refinery whose mark ‘ ‘ Globo’ ‘ , one became synonymous of this mineral in the Brazilian market for a long period. Planted to the edges of the Avenue Carlos Lindemberg, when this saw was the main linking of Victory to beautiful beaches of Old Village, the refinery made histories and was part of the history of Old Village and the State of the Espirito Santo, creating jobs, generating divided and giving visibility same, since to its product, the Salt Globe was commercialized for all Southeastern and south of the country, being present in the main nets and the house of millions of consumers, that daily in the privacy of its kitchen it did not open hand of this essential mineral in the plate elaboration degustados for all family. The winds of the succession had made a great evil to the company, having taken it bankruptcy in very little time, in the inexperienced hands of young, that had not inherited the persistence to work hard and the love for that small empire constructed to cost of much sweat. There the routine was pulled, the sweat and the salt, the salt and the sweat had lulled to sleep hundreds of dreams and, many turn these carried through. Victories were what more it was seen for the soil of the plant.

Men and women with white, white fardamento with the product, had constructed with its works, houses, had created families and become fullfilled themselves as people. Yesterday he fervilhava? the snore of the machines and the frantic running of people dictated the rhythm of the production. They rained order, after all the products was the preferred ones of the consumers. Everything that if produced was vendido, it did not have as to take care of all order, and the production increase demanded time and investments, that were in course. The machines twirled practically 24 uninterrupted hours – Saturdays, sundays and holidays. Sets of ten of trucks lined up in the highway to the wait of the precious load that has daily left for practically all the hiddings place the country.

Today in the same avenue, specifically in the height of it I number 4,505, lies destroyed dreams? it has in place ones accumulated of beams and lying chainses twisted inert for soil. This shady scene, without sounds, and express life the frieza of what it remained of that small empire. Only ruins and nothing more. Sundays Fernando Ribeiro de Rezende 05/08/11 fernandosalglobo@ yahoo.

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