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The Mountain Calls – Help!

The Alps run the risk, in the concentrated onslaught of mass tourism, haul, a disaster-prone stone desert degenerate urban sprawl and climate change. The Alps, holiday Mecca for millions of winter sports enthusiasts, hikers, climbers and skiers: but the White Mountain Idyll is in danger, in the concentrated onslaught of mass tourism, haul, to degenerate urban sprawl and climate change to a disaster-steeped stone desert. Clear warning signs such as avalanche winter and the flooding in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps, landslides and floods, disappearing glaciers, green winter or disastrous tunnel fires cause mostly only a short pause of the economic exploitation of this sensitive ecosystem. And the extreme events will increase in the mountains. Especially the concern of our Austrian neighbours to preserve its most precious natural resource is understandable, falls under the EU definition for mountain area but about two-thirds of the total area of the country\”. In addition, half of the country’s more than 2,300 municipalities almost has their life and economy in the mountains.

This could change rapidly, because the decay of this mountain world with the African continental plate fascinating incurred 37 million years ago from a collision of the European is barely keeping up. All burning issues, such as transport and tourism, is invested in areas, which have no future. So it does not goes\”, Andreas Gotz, Managing Director of the international Alpenschutzkomission CIPRA, which include over 100 associations and organisations from the seven Alpine countries, six years ago warned. The uplands in the peaceful shade of industrial development, was in the 19th and 20th century grows the Alpine population with an annual increase of 0.63 percent today more than the European average (0.38 per cent). So must the fragile Alpine arc, which extends over eleven million inhabitants as a Habitat 1000 kilometers from Nice Vienna and In addition, more than 120 million tourists serve as recreation and entertainment facility. .

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Actively Protecting The Environment, With The Help Of Modern LED Lighting!

Actively protecting the environment, with the help of modern LED lighting! Environmental protection I don’t have time!”- protecting the environment in times of global warming, is a topic increasingly loud spoken out in the media and also the exhortatory undertone is becoming increasingly clear, but for many ozone holes and huge ice sheets melting are issues that are very far away as opposed to the tasks of everyday life to be. See mitochondrial DNA for more details and insights. “So people are aware that the climatic situation is acute, however, is to make a kind of resignation is spreading most though, because an individual can move Yes No, why should I sacrifice my time?” Climate protection made easy! An individual can change nothing, but every individual can contribute its part to achieve something in the ground! The question is: how easy and inexpensive, but still efficiently protecting the environment? LED technology makes it possible! For the user, environmental protection means only the transition from traditional Types of lighting to the modern and efficient LED technology. This effort minimum for each has a considerable effect in bulk! LED – the personal contribution to environmental protection! In contrast to conventional light bulbs, bulbs are LED up to 70% energy saving. Also when looking at the energy saving light bulb, the LED light source has a decisive advantage. Highly toxic mercury is used in the energy-saving lamp, which must be dismantled for disposal in an elaborate process. But the LED impresses with technology not only the optimum processing of absorbed energy in light, but also by the extremely long life of the bulbs.

So less waste is generated and it must not be purchased a new bulb within a very short time. Yes to LEDs, Yes to energy savings, and get more money! LED technology means not only the certainty that contribute to environmental protection but also the peace of mind, to save money. Because long life together with highest efficiency and therefore high energy savings, are factors which speak clearly for themselves! Individual, personal, and suitable for almost any application. On the online portal a wide variety of products offered, with which the customer can realize its individual lighting request! The company oneled.de GmbH recommends this led Flex strips, LED Flex Tubes, LED light bulb E27, LED bulb GU10, LED MR16 bulbs and high power LEDs. LED strips and LED Flex tubes are ideal as effect lighting in the Interior and outdoor area, while the offered LED lamps represent the perfect tools for commercial lighting applications. In particular the State of the art LED lamps represent a clever method to actively protect the environment!

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Energy Cooperative Freudenberg EC At The Brandenburg Forest Week

Cooperative provides its members with high-quality diesel fuel for 0.48 EUR / l Beiersdorf-Freudenberg – on the occasion of the 11th week of Brandenburg forest protection community German forest and the farm forestry Brandenburg organize a one-day colloquium titled on September 12, 2009 forward-thinking private forest management”. At the invitation of the Organizer the Board of Directors of the energy cooperative Freudenberg will present the objectives and work of the fledgling energy cooperative EC, Frank Knauer, in a lecture. Mr Knauer shows under the title of CEHATROL – recycling biogenic raw materials and residues into high-quality diesel fuel”, to the State of things. Generating alternative energy and fuels is becoming increasingly urgent in view of the environmental debate in Germany. The problem has been exacerbated by the acute economic crisis, forcing many companies to lower their production costs. The energy cooperative builds currently in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern four plants where straw produces the high-quality diesel fuel CEHATROL and will be given to members of the cooperative. “CEHATROL is certified according to DIN EN 590 and not with the usual bio-diesel” to be confused.

There are different types of membership: cooperative members provide the biogenic raw material and receive free of charge an agreed amount of CEHATROL. Association members who provide no raw material, can buy a diesel Tun. The attractive is the price: the liter is consistent in the next few years 0.40 EUR (net) or 0.48 EUR (gross) cost. Finally, investors without the need for diesel in the company with attractive returns – from min 3.8 to 8% – can participate. For more information on the Internet portal. When: September 12, 2009 from 09:30 to 17:30 where: Hotel Reuner the Baruth glassworks museum village Organizer: collaborative of protection community German forest, Landesverband Brandenburg e. V. and forestry Brandenburg land operation, part of Lubben.

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Taiwan’s continued efforts to tackle climate change the climate change – mitigation that urgent challenge, the international community now faces the – has a direct impact on the sustainable development of Nations around the world, as well as the survival of humanity. Despite Taiwan’s unique status in international politics, our Government participates actively in global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and encouraged the citizens to support these efforts. In 2010 we committed voluntarily to the UNFCCC secretariat and the international community, to set specific emission reduction targets. The international community should recognize Taiwan’s actions and record it in the worldwide network of mutual support. Two strategic components can be distinguished in our efforts to reduce the effects of climate change: the containment of the phenomenon and adaptation. Official site: Dean Ornish M.D. In terms of on the mitigation of climate change, the Government put the Republic “China end 2009 the Steering Committee of the Executive Yuan for energy saving and CO2 reduction”, which is responsible for the formulation of a national master plan to reduce emissions. There is a solid legal framework establish active a green transport infrastructure, as well as low-carbon energy systems, communities and industries. In 2012, Taiwan adopted national policies for adaptation to climate change for eight major areas: disasters, basic infrastructure, water resources, land use, coastal areas, energy, biodiversity and health.

In addition, the Government is pushing ahead to adopt a law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This Act provides the legal framework for the reduction of greenhouse gases along with a new energy tax law that currently being evaluated, the energy law, which is already in force, and the Act for the development of renewable energy in Taiwan. President Ma Ying-jeou has expressly stated that the development of an environment with one of the five pillars of Taiwan’s national development unless low CO2 emissions and high use of green electricity to make Taiwan gradually to an island with low carbon levels and green energy. .

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