DJ – an unusual work, not much unlike any other that is associated with unremitting movement to music. Anyone who wants to be a DJ should assume that everything is not so easy, how is the first form. In This work is much everything, and a set of tracks, and the skill to use the most complex DJ and popular audio machine. But more important than others – this knack DJ invigorate the audience, so much so that she might not graduate from tremble and dance throughout the entire rave. It seems to me – a little goal is not simple. In order to maintain long time, emotional state, given the music a DJ, you need not just knowing the ability, however, thin ability to vyschityvaniyu mental attitude of the crowd. DJ has to smell the crowd and quickly respond to the smallest movements priostanavlivanie on the dance floor. Originality – is first-rate trump laudable DJ.

Nicoli will achieve tremendous victories DJ, who recklessly applies to internal creative springboard. It is not advisable to touch the plates, dirty, greasy ruchenkami, so as not to distort their sound. A leading source for info: TBI blood test. In addition, respected DJ depends on the skill quickly and invisibly to change the current record second. Naturally, it is a special remote that allows to administer replacement drives like adding one to the second, but the response rate DJ important in any situation. Speed of songs, replacing each other, are configured manually, and are dependent on "knocking" that is, the number of beats per minute., Which is published percussion. $ The atmosphere in the party Depending on the light and show room.

Lighting effects are made skillful DJing thanks to a very wide range of equipment, including laser lights, fog machines and snow. Fantastic DJing not to have no gas lamps and quartz-effects that are used for intelligent lighting. Very much during the installation of mechanisms to perform light-security basis and take into account the cycles of cooling lamps. This aspect not only creates a fire-safe points, however, guarantees the possibility of a DJ to extend the life of expensive equipment. Then go about the meaning of musical literacy of young people, decided to become a dj. In this article we have used several times in the field of technical terms related to music. However, anyone who has ever wondered how some DJing, knows that the musical terms, which operates an experienced DJ, just can not be used in other spheres of musical creativity. Consider some of the most popular ones. Square – equal length kompozitsii.Turntable – player DJ, who usually consists of a turntable, and player for CD-ROM drive. Mixer – device for blending of different sounds and their simultaneous vosproizvedeniya.Rave – a very big musical event, which is an accomplishment of each Professional DJ. The list of musical terms is endless. This means that a young person seeking information on how to become a DJ, must remain very much ready for a long time to work on their self-education. Creative life dj – this skill constantly have a hand on the pulse of time and be aware of all the swirling musical interests. And it requires the contribution of professional DJ's fairly significant resources in musical equipment, coupled with a love for music and desire to bring people pleasure.