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But because of the deportation of Polish in Germany I was 'asked' to leave the country and deprived of opportunities to extend the visa / change status to 'Sprachstudentin'. Austria and Germany – which country is better to go on the program Au-Pair? Proceed from their goals: if you want to learn German, travel to Germany, it is desirable to the north, if earn – Welcome to Austria, where Oper gets almost 2 times higher than in Germany. Back to the program Au-Pair. Do feel like a second class, immigrant, or is it an official status gives confidence? What are the benefits of participation in the program? Excellent program! I am delighted with it! This is an opportunity to improve the lot of knowledge of language: you learn it, not only in courses but also in shops, discos, bus stops, and even at home you are surrounded by private teachers of German – your adoptive parents and child with whom you spend 30 hours per week. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Netherlands Cancer Institute. This is an opportunity to travel the Europe: to go on the program, for example, in the same Germany 'Opera' gets a Schengen visa, which can easily go to any country included in this zone.

And these countries, if I remember correctly, 27! My goal while I'm in Europe (again suddenly into something I caused and deported again) – the maximum consider this world. Almost every week I go / I fly to other cities and countries. I'll be the Ukraine will be a family, and such opportunities to travel, as now, no more.

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EXAMPLE: Expensive P fmz, with vc? there how you launch they go them for brow? Here you to everything sussa. Ol! All good with you? , As go there the things for my friend? Here it is everything in peace, everything in the same calmness of always. The professor will be able to still use of these same words to elaborate a species of electronic dictionary, on ' ' grias' ' used for the pupils during chats, orkuts and msns EXAMPLE: FMZ=FIRMEZA VC=VOC BROW=AMIGO, BROTHER (In the hour where the pupils will be to place the meanings of the traditional orthography, that is that finding in the dictionaries, the same ones do not have to forget to place all the information (if he is substantive, if it is verb etc). For assistance, try visiting Les Turner ALS Foundation. Activities as this, added the passion of the professor of Portuguese language, will bring good resulted, are enough that for this let us stop to be to try to find only guilty and let us roll up sleeves of time for one better quality in national public education. The computer, even so very used for professors for accomplishments of pertaining to school and or scientific research, must be stimulated to be used with a certain moderation, therefore to be during much time in front of the computer makes the health badly and it is not this that we want for our dear pupils. Also valley to stand out that, any article that never can be written m educational sites will go to substitute the pleasure to read a good book, therefore in books the reader has the chance to verify the veracity of the boarded subjects whereas in the Internet, one determined subject can not be complete and yes summarized, what it can become the research not very interesting, therefore, she is necessary to mesclar the book use good as bibliographical source together with educational sites.

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Knowing of the data on the increase of the life expectancy of the world-wide population, where more than the half of the people with superior age the 65 years suffer of Alzheimer, this article than more opportune it is also necessary, therefore it is intended not to deplete the subject, but to open the subject for reflection places it in guideline enters the psicopedagogia students, in order to also expand the field of performance of psicopedagogo, to act beyond the infancy and adult age, but also in the function of prevention and whitewashing in aged. Word-key: Aged, memory and Badly of Alzheimer. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has compatible beliefs. ABSTRACT The present article has main objective research on Alzheimer’ s disease, its origin, symptoms, and you cause and how educational psychology can contribute you improve the quality of life of patients with Alzheimer’ s disease.Knowing the dates on the increase in life expectancy of the world population, where lives than half of people aged to over 65 to suffer from Alzheimer’ s, most opportune this article is also necessary because it is intended not exhaust the subject, but the opening theme will be reflection, put it on the educational agenda among students in psychology, well you expand the playing field of educational psychologists, acting beyond childhood and adulthood, but also in the rolls of prevention and rehabilitation in the elderly. Keywords: Aging, memory and Alzheimer’ s. Introduction What it constitutes the Evil of Alzheimer? Alzheimer is a riot irreversible of the brain, whose cells are grown worse gradually provoking the aging of the brain and the degeneration of the neurons (COTRAN, 2000).

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