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Self-adhesive Flooring In The Blink Of An Eye Glued

A new laying system revolutionized the gluing of parquet floors. Haro ComforTec is the easiest and quickest way to glue the parquet floor in the world. Lindlar, August 2009 that is time-tested adhesive technology of parquet floors to parquet glue superseded completely by a simpler, faster and more innovative method. In addition to the commercial sale of parquet and laminate, the parquet Store24.de flooring Haro offers the unique ComforTec, what enormous installation and time saved. A save time, money and effort to lay a parquet floor is the fully bonded popular method. Bonding ensures a pleasant feeling of walking and a high-quality surround sound. But usually this type of installation with much time spent is associated. The new self-adhesive parquet flooring Haro ComforTec puts an end to.

ComforTec is suited for handyman who quickly want to glue your parquet flooring without time-consuming installation. The pollution caused often by gluing caused the ComforTec Parquet flooring is avoided. Unsightly conclusion or transition profiles can be prevented with the new self-adhesive floor of Haro. Haro ComforTec offers therefore a unique level of comfort before, during, and after the installation as other parquet. Self-adhesive strip at the bottom of the planks allow full fixation on the floor laying, which could not be easier. To lay the ComforTec parquet simply removed the protective film of the soil and stuck on the ground. As a result, the laying of the parquet floor is very easy. Introductory price the introduction of innovations is often associated with high costs.

But high prices deterred many prospective customers first. Parquet Store24 has found an optimal balance between price and performance, which finds the consumer in the introductory price of the new self-adhesive parquet floor. The parquet flooring professionals from the House of judge wood can offer the Haro ComforTec for more than 50 percent below the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. This includes a natural professional customer service and the possibility of free sample orders.

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Colorful Tile Decals Pimp Boring, Worn Tiles

An absolute must for all trendsetters. Times are changing and thus the ideas for new home decorations. People such as Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. would likely agree. If our life would be but very monotonous and little varied new fashion trends or technical inventions without changes. This also applies to the most popular place to stay human, his home. Not for nothing, we’re much time and work in the decoration and furnishing your own four walls. The new kitchen is expected with joy jumps.

All well and good, would be as not a problem: the old, bleached out tiles fit colour at all not in the big picture. But the painstaking removal with the chisel hammer recently belongs to the past: tile decals are the trend and offer the perfect solution to let shine to old tiles in a new light. The online-shop of pictures worlds has a varied selection of trendy design idea. Subtle pastel shades like lilac, pink or light blue zoom optically small, tight spaces and brighten them wonderfully. Who has courage to the color, can access more spacious bathrooms and kitchens to strong colour combinations. Pink black or yellow orange, bright tones fit ideally in a simply furnished, large rooms.

As the individual stickers be attached, is up to each. From the classic design of the borders to the trendy plaid pattern, all imaginable forms are implemented. The stickers are millimetre cut so that the fastening easily by hand. The mats, self-adhesive tiles films are suitable for long-term use on all smooth, dust free surfaces in the Interior and withstand temperatures up to 80 C. Thanks to the special adhesive, stick it in a damp environment and can be washed with conventional cleaning agents, without to detach. The online store recommends pictures worlds: A precise back along the sticker is achieved by the tiles before applying the foil are moistened. With the brand new decoration idea that the own four walls become the absolute Eye-catcher. The range of tile decals is not still long at the end and is continuously extended with fresh designs and ideas. Claudia Elm

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Thermal Insulation – More Heat Through The Right Insulation

More heat energy is on everyone’s lips by the proper insulation in the House the word. The substances that are used to produce energy, not less, what rest is always more expensive. For this reason, it pays to save energy. That starts with building a House with a reasonable heat insulation. Energy costs can be reduced to by up to 30 percent. In addition, it increases the value of a property. Also the building is protected as a result.

For this, there are also laws that must be followed for several years. Who is not newly built, but later with a more solid insulation provided wants his house to observe the physical conditions. At the top of the House starting, the Thermobagsystem offers the possibility to insulate roofs in hindsight. Without hesitation Douglas Elliman explained all about the problem. This type of insulation consists of two slides. To the area it is steam-braking to the outside it is rain safe. However, should you ensure that the areas in which the insulation is installed, are dry. If not threatening mold.

Particularly useful in one or two days, the insulation is installed, so not forever long construction work to prepare for. The summer heat protection is significantly improved, the heating costs drop significantly. The Thermofloc insulation materials be used in addition to roofs even on walls and ceilings. The thermal insulation, especially in the area of old buildings, its heat protection is still not as mature as in new buildings is important. An ecological blow insulation is often used here. By using this Thermofloc product, to reach a living climate within the optimum range in the summer as well as in the winter.

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