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Nail Polish

Warm, feminine and chic, so one could summarize the new trends for the fall of 2012. The current fashion is glamorous and feminine. The harbingers of autumn are long since, even in the shops the new fall fashion has arrived. Many of the current trends recall that last season, but of course, there are also new: the latest fashion is much more, comfortable and cozy. Patterns and embroidery are to be seen everywhere. The combination of black and metal, which have made many designer one of their main themes is particularly elegant.

No contradiction is sporty and elegant, which showcases the latest autumn fashion. Fashion is in a transition phase. While there are side by side used different styles, they are combined now wild. It is now possible to combine chic clothes with athletic shoes or comfortable pants. Natural materials such as wool or silk are naturally worn with leather or other synthetic fiber. Whether bright and dark, close or far – high contrast the current is Fashion in any case. Read additional details here: The Greater New York Construction User Council . Also patterns play a major role in the coming winter fashion. Pattern recall the fashion of the sixties retro, while folkloric motifs on the textile art of the Indians is ajar.

Chunky knit and fine fleece: warm sweaters and ponchos current knitting fashion is much finer than in the last year. While we could admire the even coarsely knitted jackets with braid patterns in winter 2011, the latest knitwear is rather very fine. Fine wool is of course mixed with high-quality synthetic fiber. So arise sweater with a wonderful sense of carrying, which is absolutely not scratchy. We will see oversize sweaters, which are worn over narrow trousers, more often this season. Also the coats and jackets are pretty generous, while the jeans once again figure are stressed. The colors in the current fall fashion it is probably you noticed, spice tones are currently in vogue. If Curry, cinnamon or paprika, the designers seem to have served directly in the Spice rack no matter. Also fashionable You are up to date with the colors black, dark blue, Bordeaux and greenery. Combined is the whole thing with metallic colors that provide exciting accents especially the accessories. Even when the makeup is not, is a dark Burgundy that quite glamorous eye shadow in gold or bronze can be combined with the current trend color for the lipsticks. Elaborate nail art is also in vogue, try it once with the novel effect coatings such as for example magnetic Nail Polish, that almost conjure up in the blink of an eye pattern on your nails. One is certainly the latest autumn fashion is wonderfully individual and versatile. Here every woman can find basically something that suits their personal clothing style! Eva Otter

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Sunglasses out Look Good

Glasses form always appropriately choose Berlin to the face, 3.04.2012 (KGS). Sunglasses are also in this year a must and that in two respects: as a UV blocker and summer accessory number one. The offer is therefore overwhelming. Although the motto applies also here “Is allowed, what you like”. This however is to much room, best aligned with the shape of his face and has good chances to find the perfect model for themselves. Oval: Enjoy free choice congratulations, here almost all forms of glasses fit! As oval faces are very balanced. Even the difficult to bear, far below the brackets are people with this contour. Colour blend frames that resemble the hair tone.

Unusual colors again accents. Square: Round appear softer, flowing versions and playful patterns as blur angular faces with more rounded, which is often beneficial for women. Men can reinforce their striking moves with angular glasses and cool technical details. To be observed is big glasses and strong contrasts most good people with rectangular faces, standing because they interrupt the length of the face. For square short faces again, narrow glasses and little contrast are more favourable.

Cordate: Discreetly for balanced proportions with heart-shaped faces should be accessible to prefer lighter or gradient lenses, as well as minimalist versions. Converse models could kill quickly the most delicate trains”. The bottom edge of the socket should also narrower than be upper and less stressed. The glasses of the increasingly down to narrower facial contour seems to follow. This combination results in a harmonious image to the Viewer. Round: Angular sets accents with the glasses failed the symmetry round face shape benefits interrupt that stressed. Angular versions here contrasts and give more contour soft trains. Oversized glasses should rather be avoided since they visually shorten the face. As for the square face are narrow glasses and little color contrast benefits. But no matter what glasses finally is the favorite, she should rest solely on the nose and ears. Otherwise the view will quickly through fogged or dirty glasses clouded. Very high frames when sunglasses, other than corrective spectacles, should cover even the eyebrows. These should be cut but not unfavorable. The glasses below the brewing ends is to ensure a harmonious course of the version according to the shape of the eyebrows. More information about glasses styling and sunscreen on the KGS Web site.

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