Open letter in support of the opposition in their consideration of constitutional complaint to submit dear woman power, your party is just as outraged by the latest prank”the Federal Labour Minister such as the Greens, the left and many others, by the Hartz4 – law, those affected. Aufstocker and basic fuse carrier, countless low-income and unemployed, not to mention those which more can be caused by disease of any gainful employment, were deprived of today sets literally again their human dignity following the announcement of the newly computed Alg2 -. After I gave my vote your party in the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia I want to support you again. Let not unsettle themselves when wife Ursula speaks of the Leyen she could not imagine that you and your party would reject the education package with hot lunch for needy children, school supplies, learning support and a budget for music or football club. With your party to block the enforcement of the new calculation. Take You are the Greens to help.

Even if your party then backed the Hartz4 – laws with the Greens and this today much scolding insert to, not agitate let himself. Fight with us – with the low wage earners on Stockern as well as basic fuse carriers and the unemployed, and with those that can be more on the basis of illness of any gainful employment. It also support and just the children who are our future. Like, I support your party comrades Olaf Scholz at the constitutional proceedings. Than for costs incurred I send the resulting from the recalculation increase by 5 Mr Olaf Scholz monthly to your party comrades. This shall be my small modest contribution.

Many citizens of this country to a full disclosure of the calculation procedure are interested in me. Please ensure that this is done. The chances that the recalculation before the Federal Constitutional Court will have no stock, are. So it says the joint Welfare Association. Something personal to me. I am a mother with two children, which I am alone. I can tell that the 100 from the school Starter package were not enough. I’ve been saving me to protect my children from exclusion and bullying because of poverty. Any clothes bought and ate little, also to be able to bring my kids healthy food on the table. That goes with the current rule set. It is because it has to go. I see hard times on me and my family to come. Prices rise constantly, so I don’t know how long I can shift from my meager set for the needs of my children. “I don’t want them marked as a poor man’s child” see. One of my kids is musically talented. This is confirmed by a music teacher, in which my child receives weekly keyboard lessons. I zwacke of my RuleSet from these monthly costs by 50. If I can deny these costs by means of education card is questionable, and there no Reader will be available. Too uneconomical for the Musikehrer. At worst, he would have to increase the contributions. You can count with my full support, if it is to become a real recalculation the recalculation. Emergency with a new complaint before the Federal Constitutional Court. With kind regards K. Kuligowski